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Long before the first commercial typewriter (1878), and now computer, tablets and smart phones, mankind discovered one of the most profound tools of all time. No it’s not fire or the wheel.  It’s the writing instrument.  From the early cave drawings to the nineteenth century, the history of humankind was recorded with some form of writing instrument.  Where would we be without it?  Writing, much like reading,  was considered a measure of the “educated”.  Even as late as the mid to late 1900’s, penmanship was still taught in schools and was seen as a valuable asset. A means to communicate thoughts, ideas, even love.

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This November 11 we commemorated in many parts of our world, Armistice Day, the official end of The Great War one hundred years ago. It was the war that was to end all wars.

There were a number of factors that lead up to WWI: mutual defense alliances, imperialism, militarism, and nationalism.  Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were to lose their lives.

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Well here it is, Fall already. Are you ready?

This year's winning colors were selected by Pantone Color Institute at Fashion Week in New York. So many brilliant colors reflecting the diversity in our everyday surroundings. These are the colors you will see on the runway this Fall/Winter...

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